STEM Enterprises was co-founded by Dr. Cherie Bharti and her children, Dolly and Vijay. They started this non-profit organization to offer education to students with potential. STEM Enterprises sponsors many events to help students learn. Dr. Cherie Bharti is the coach of four First Lego League teams; Team 1099 Flaming Dragon Bots, Team 11328 Cyborg Dragons, Team 15887 Flaming Dragon Bots – 2, Team 15888 Cyborg Dragon Bots – 2. She sponsors summer camps to help students get involved in the STEM fields. Due to her work, thousands of students have gotten the opportunity to think beyond their expectations. She also is a coach in the Team America Rocketry Challenge, a competition where students get to design rockets to reach a certain altitude under certain conditions, along with learning physics. A new endeavor STEM Enterprises is taking is the development of a VEX team in Morgantown High School. VEX is a robotics competition for middle and high school students where you develop robots to compete at an international level. In addition, every summer we travel to India under STEM Enterprises to our great grandfather’s school where we educate the school children on Robotics, basic education, and hygiene since those students are not exposed to that education. We help them become college ready and receive the opportunity to attend school, and make the grades they want.
We donated over 200 iPads to the school children so they can download math, science, literature, history, and basic apps to continue their education online and they use them to keep in contact with us.
They show us the progress they have made in their education, and tell us their achievements even when we are not in India to help them be successful. STEM Enterprises loves to perform this great community service to help enhance STEM and basic education around the world

Team America Rocketry Challenge
First Lego League competition
VEX Robotics

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