Hi! This is Vijay Bharti, VP, and Treasurer of STEM Enterprises. This is just a test post that may or may not stay on the website but regardless, I am planning on starting an educational blog for STEM. We will be talking all sorts of cool educational stuff, my idea, for now, is to take stem subjects and break down the concepts into easy to understand features. How this will work, I have not figured out but I am just typing this out to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, we will be able to create an education index where anything one wants to know can be found on this site(with regards to certain subjects). I am hoping to get started with my first post soon, until then. I’ll let this post be the starting point. Once I get some posts out I will work on formatting also so apologies in advance for if it doesn’t look good(though I do not see anyone really reading this). If you have ideas you want to share if you want to write an article about something, please let me know!

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